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‘By submitting your video for review you confirm that’
* There are no artist name and song title text on the video
* There are no social media links on the video
* There are no web addresses on the video
* There are no credits on the video
* There are no promotional slates directing to iTunes or mentioning release dates on the video
* There is no nudity, racial, discriminatory or other content that could be described as offensive & illegal within the video
* The file is mp4 or mov in format
* It is an official music video and not a Behind The Scenes, Lyric, Live, Interview or any other type of content except for official music video

Please be aware that these criteria are not ours but VEVO’s. If your video does include any of these we will not be able to get it live for you.

  • Please upload a image you want to use for your channel (Image without text (5000×5000 pixels)
  • Also upload a Time stamp image for thumbnail image (Which will appear on Youtube)


Note: if you having trouble uploading your Video file, please send us your file download link to :

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